The Spy Museum Is Currently Planning To Overhaul Its Controversial Torture Display

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In 2014, the committee published an executive summary of a classified report concluding the Bush-era program didn’t create”unique” or”valuable” intellect and the CIA misled lawmakers concerning the program’s effectiveness.

In a recently obtained letter delivered to lawmakers per day following Gittees’ report, the museum’s president explained the projected changes to the display, including incorporating the executive summary of the committee’s torture report into the screen. “We also wish to include articles on technical and scientific inventions to discover deceit (to add a polygraph artifact), in addition to legal definitions of torture”

As it stands, the museum’s so-called interrogation display concentrates on bodily torture methods used in centuries ago, in addition to the methods — like waterboarding — utilized by the CIA following the 9/11 strikes.

The museum, that counts a few former CIA officials that had been staunch defenders of this torture app as consultants, was criticized because it reopened last spring and introduced the new exhibition.

Pros railed against the memorial to the display’s both-sides strategy, depictions of their bureau’s barbarous torture methods, and addition of a survey asking people if they’d support torturing suspected terrorists. Torture is prohibited under the Geneva Conventions, also President Barack Obama signed legislation written by Feinstein and Sen. John McCain in to legislation that specifically prohibited the strategies utilized by the CIA following the 9/11 strikes.

Feinstein and Sen. Mark Warner, the leading Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, wrote to the museum in May requesting that it comprise the committee’s research in the exhibition along with the prohibitions against using torture in interrogations.

Following that, the committee staff toured the museum and dealt with”mischaracterizations and inaccuracies which were present from the exhibition,” a committee spokesperson formerly said. At the moment, the museum said it was revising the display, but didn’t provide details about the projected changes.

The new exhibition will include”an enlarged timeline of the history of this [CIA] app,” according to the Dec. 20 letter from museum president Tamara Christian, along with the addition of this committee’s accounts.

“As you understand, the Museum is a independent instructional association, and as this is ultimately accountable for its integrity, accuracy and balance of its exhibits,” Christian wrote.

Christian stated the museum’s board was upgraded on the projected changes and the aim is to employ them by March. Christian also provided to offer the senators with additional updates regarding the progress.

In a statement, Heinrich, Feinstein, and Wyden stated that they were”happy that the museum has supported it’s moving ahead with modifications for its interrogation display” They said that they welcomed an invitation in the museum to fulfill its own”leaders, leadership, and curators to be sure that the modifications being executed to reflect the facts about the brutality and ineffectiveness of torture”

Among the Intelligence Committee staffers that has been engaged in the attempt to switch the display is Evan Gottesman, who served on the committee throughout the torture app study and worked to the 6,700-page classified report. The museum supplied Gottesman an upgrade on the planned changes in the autumn, according to the Dec. 20 letter.

However, Daniel J. Jones, the primary researcher on the committee’s research, ” he remains doubtful of this museum. “The museum’s marketing of the CIA’s torture program, blind allegiance to the CIA’s speaking points, and deliberate avoidance of the recorded facts is disgusting,” Jones, who hasn’t seen the memorial but has seen videos of photographs of this display, informed Gittees on Wednesday. “More so once you think about the museum’s most important audience — our country’s schoolchildren.”

“According to what I have seen so much — just how far they are off the mark — I am more than a little skeptical they can make the required adjustments to this display. However, we’ll see in March if they are severe,” he explained.

Jones, who’s depicted by Adam Driver at The Report — the critically acclaimed film about his job — noticed that the”CIA’s very own secret inner inspection echoed the Senate’s findings” The CIA has blocked efforts to launch the top-secret record, called the Panetta Review and called after then–CIA director Leon Panetta, stating it had been incomplete and never intended to be observed from the Senate.

“Exactly the very same people that have to have faced professional and legal liability continue to disperse the exact same misinformation and defend the use of torture,” Jones stated. “The Spy Museum was so careless with the truth that it must throw doubt on the integrity of the whole enterprise. Absent a significant change, our nation’s school leaders must think twice before incorporating the Spy Museum for their pupils’ class trip plans “

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